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Anna Salvová


My Background

After studying journalism in Nitra, I started working as a reporter for a regional newspaper. It didn’t take long and, in 2008, I joined the ASB magazine dedicated to architecture, development, and business. It has been a valuable experience, as we were mapping significant problems of the industry during the economic crisis. However, driven by the desire to improve my skills, I moved to the PR agency Kharisma where a worked as an account manager. I was responsible for communication strategies, media monitoring, and relations with journalists. It helped me to better understand everything from the client’s point of view.

Despite all of these different jobs, I’ve always been a writer at heart and I eventually returned to journalism. For the last four years, I have been sharing stories and news about architecture, construction, design, fashion, and the hotel industry with readers of SaB, TTB, Top Fashion and Top hotelierstvo magazine, as well as with visitors of these respective websites.

How Can I Help You Increase Your Sales?

I am a keen copywriter, responsible for your blogs and microsites texting. Everything I create for your target group is the kind of content which is not only SEO focused but also inspiring, helpful, and amusing for the reader.

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