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Barbora Ilic

Content Marketing Manager

My Background

I’ve been writing since I was a child but professionally I got into marketing in 2009 when I enrolled at a university as a student of marketing communication. Since then, I’ve worked mostly as an online marketer with a specialization in content marketing.

During the past 7 years, I’ve worked in the AIESEC student organization as a marketing manager. I’ve organized the biggest job fair for students and graduates of universities in Slovakia – National Career Days 2013, cooperated with Google Slovakia on the CSR project, and worked with technological startups on their online marketing and content strategies. My articles were featured on global blog sites such as Lifehack and Lifehacker where they’ve reached thousands of readers.

How Can I Help You Increase Your Sales?

I’m responsible for texting websites, content plans for your blogs, quality control, and SEO. I believe that together we can rank your website higher for specific keywords in search engines, increase the organic traffic on your website, and boost your sales.


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