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Henrieta Vagner

Junior Accout Manager

My Background

My specialization in the field of media, communication, and marketing started to evolve during my university studies. I am visually oriented and I focused more on photography, which is still my big passion. Nonetheless, I ended up in online marketing. It is a very progressive field, a constant treadmill that requires complex knowledge and that’s what challenges me the most. In my current position as a Junior Account Manager, I am responsible for the smooth and successful realization and delivery of campaigns. I am also experienced as a social media manager, copywriter, content manager, and photographer. I believe that success can’t come without sacrifices, that nothing is impossible, and that every day is a new opportunity to make an effort.

How Can I Help You Increase Your Sales?

Performance marketing is transparent and statistics never lie. If one part of the machine is not working, soon the whole machine will fail. There is nobody more or less important in this process. Teamwork is core, and so I do my best to create added value for your business by making effective campaigns, which will lead to effective sales.

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