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Karol Voltemar

Chief Marketing Officer

My Background

Around the year 2000, I first dove into the waters of Adobe and Microsoft software and the web. I began working as a lecturer for these programs, animations, and web development. After few years, I became a designer for UI and UX and a front-end developer with experience from a few projects and startups up to 2008. That same year, I moved to online marketing where I used my technical background as a consultant for web and SEO.

I began building my own company in 2011. I saw huge problems in the area of delivering services efficiently in terms of online marketing. It took me a while to plan and build a service that works very well. Now, our company is able to deliver great results for a reasonable price for every e-commerce client that needs full service “from zero to hero”. We are now able to deliver a marketing service that’s guaranteed to bring results with ROI or ROAS up to 1000%.

In 2017, we’re planning on starting few new business that can help companies with e-commerce and online marketing. We currently operate through an e-commerce platform – Midasto, and online marketing businesses – Madviso and Orchidsphere which can make custom e-commerce solutions for everyone and work on e-commerce SaaS projects. I will always do my best to help you with online marketing as far as my experience allows and in accordance with the company’s core values.

How Can I Help You Increase Your Sales?

In the Madviso team, I work on SEO, strategies, and project management. I can help you deliver strategies with a 500% to 1000% on ROI in e-commerce.


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We care about your success and profit. With transparency as our core value we are ready to deliver exceptional results.