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Sláva Štefancová


My Background

I studied journalism at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. I wanted to be a journalist ever since I was in primary school. Even as a child, I was fascinated by magazines. I can still remember how I used to make my own magazine issues from the pictures I drew and the entire family had to read them.

The smell of printed periodicals and the entire process that surrounds them became an essential part of my life for eight entire years while I worked as the editor and later the editor in chief of SaB – Stavebníctvo a bývanie, a magazine about building and home decorating. As a lead editor, I’ve worked on the projects Top hotelierstvo and Nízkoenergetické EKO Bývanie.

I’ve also worked as an editor for the magazines Top trendy v bývaní and Top Fashion, where I got the chance to express my ideas about all the beautiful things around us. During all of this, I also occasionally found the time to contribute to regional newscasting, copywriting, creating PR articles, and social media management. One could say I moved from the world of print to the online world.

How Can I Help You Increase Your Sales?

I’m responsible for creating texts and I’d love to help you write engaging professional or lifestyle articles for your blog. I can also make sure that the information about your products or services reaches the media. Good PR is an art, so allow me to become your PR(t)ist 🙂

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