The content plan is an essential part of a content marketing strategy. It reflects the marketing goals, the interests of the target market, and the overall market situation. We aim to create interesting content in forms that will engage your customers.

How Does it Work?

Every business is different and so are its customers. Before the process of content creation, we make an in-depth analysis of the market and the competition. Based on the results and the available resources, we estimate the forms and the amount of content we can create for you. After we reach an agreement, we begin brainstorming possible topics and content ideas that would be interesting to your customers. The best ideas will find their place in the long-term content plan.



An in-depth analysis of your competition & the market. Identifying the weak and strong sides of your competition.

Identify topics

Searching for areas that interest your customers. Through engaging content, we can build long-term relations with your customers.


Creating a pool of blog post ideas, videos, and other types of content. Topics can also include areas outside of your product, as long as they are related and solve the problems of your customers.

Creating a plan

We put the best topics on the timeline. Based on the agreement with the client, we can create a short-term 3-month plan or a one-year content marketing plan.

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