Many e-shops underestimate the power of a product copy. A well-crafted product description provides all the necessary information that might persuade hesitant potential buyers. Product descriptions will bring organic traffic to your website from search engines.

E-commerce businesses usually tend to make the same mistake. They just copy the description from the manufacturer’s site or from the sites of their competitors. This is something that search engines, especially Google, don’t appreciate. Duplicated content is penalized and you might lose your position in the search results.

Based on our experience in e-commerce marketing and SEO, we developed a set of best case practices for product descriptions that sell. Firstly, we define an ideal customer persona together with our client. This step is important for all marketing activities. Product descriptions contain information that is interesting for this person, the potential buyer. We use a language and a tone that this ideal customer persona responds to and we make sure that we involve keywords and phrases this person is searching for through search engines, such as Google.

Our texts are fully optimized for search engines and they provide all of the information that is necessary for a buyer to decide to buy the product. We also use a language your buyers respond to. To put it simply, we write a copy that sells.

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