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Junior Analyst and Performance Marketing Specialist

This position is suitable for someone with a mind for data, performance, and reporting. It also requires participation in web-related projects as a data and web analyst. The position is a core part of our performance marketing team.

Do you enjoy working with data? Do you have analytical skills and an analytical mindset but lack experience from real projects on a business level? Then this position may be just what you’re looking for. We want you to help us with our web projects and performance marketing campaigns, in order to deliver better results based on data.

We offer education and we’ll also provide you with the knowledge that you’ll need throughout the first few months. You’ll mainly focus on reports, creating and optimizing PPC and ad campaigns, data management, and the automatization of data processes across various channels. All you need is a strong motivation and a willingness to learn.

The position is on site, which means that you’ll have a place in our office and work with our project and department managers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Tracking and analyzing online marketing campaigns and content channels.
  • Working on campaigns with projects managers, setting goals, KPI.
  • Managing performance marketing campaigns across various channels.
  • Analyzing statistics and marketing intelligence reports in order to create successful campaigns.
  • Testing and subsequently optimizing online marketing campaigns – SEM, social media, e-commerce, and other channels.
  • Working with project managers to manage data integration between on and offline software programs.
  • Analyzing the outcomes of previous marketing campaigns in order to improve new campaigns.
  • Analyzing and reporting on campaigns for key performance indicators.
  • Staying in touch with new trends and latest developments in online marketing, search engine advertising, and social network advertising.

Required Skills, Abilities & Experience

Candidates applying for this position should have:

  • experience with Google Drive,
  • analytical and strategic thinking,
  • experience with data and web analysis,
  • attention to detail,
  • motivation and willingness to learn,
  • knowledge of performance marketing,
  • experience with Google Adwords and Facebook Business Manager campaigns,
  • experience with creating reports.


  • 1-year experience in an ad agency.
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.
  • Knowledge of Moz Tools.

Your Future With Us

In the future, you can move up to another position in our team and become a specialist in various positions, such as:

  • Web and E-commerce Analyst,
  • Performance Marketing Specialist and Analyst,
  • Project Manager for Web and E-commerce.

About Madviso

We are a marketing company that delivering strategies which help our clients grow. We help them reach their goals and deliver services with the highest possible ROI or ROAS.

We care about the services we provide and so we work hard with the goal to do the best marketing we possibly can. Our core services include e-commerce marketing, strategic marketing, analytics, and inbound marketing.

Core Values

We want to find people who also hold our values.

  • Focus self-improvement.
  • Growth-oriented.
  • Transparent.
  • Exceptional.

Reasons to Work With Us

  • Young team.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Flexible work time.
  • Growth-oriented team.
  • Discounts for services and products.
  • Work in a nice work environment or work from home.

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