With Pay Per Click ads you pay for clicks that lead to your website or landing page. We have a team of specialists who will set up your ads in search engines and on social media, monitor them, and constantly increase their effectiveness.

How it Works


Fill out a form with questions about your needs

The first step is to gather information about your business, especially in the area we will be helping you with.

We will meet or have an online call

Consulting your case is a very important part of the initial phase. It helps us get to know each other and also allows us to better understand your business and the problems you are facing. Based on this information, we can prepare a suitable offer for you and your company. We will prepare a strategy for you to review.

We will prepare an offer and consult it with you

Both short-term and long-term goals require measurable KPI's and a concept of deliverable strategic initiatives. All of this needs to go hand in hand with your other businesses, online activities, and marketing efforts.

After a mutual agreement, we will set strategic initiatives, goals and KPI's

We will review our strategy together with your team in order to customize it for the best performance. We prefer long-term strategies that can really help businesses grow and allow us to continuously improve our strategy.

We will start with the execution and follow the agreed guidelines of cooperation

Execution is a crucial part of the strategy and it's also the most difficult. We are here to use our experience and know-how to execute and deliver a strategy as best we can.

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