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Senior Social Media Specialist

SEO and social media awareness

We’re looking for a passionate, creative, and smart social media expert who would be willing to rise to the challenge of building a social media presence for us and for our clients. Do you thrive on communicating through social media? Then this position may be for you.

For this position, we’re looking for someone with senior-level experience to help us continuously improve our processes. Your main goal in this position would be to help us deliver better services to our customers. It would be your task to not only manage but also to deliver creative ideas for content creation through social media.

The purpose of this position is to monitor the social media interactions on our Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles. IYou would also be responsible for creating content and strengthening the relationships with our followers, as well as creating communication ideas and content formats across social media.

You will lead the development, delivery, tracking, and optimization of social media marketing activities, continuously ensuring that both paid and organic activity is evidence-driven and customer-focused, in order to provide the best possible ROI to support the business goals of our clients.

This is an in-office position which also requires some time outside of office hours to ensure cohesion with the marketing and service teams. Methods to work from remote locations will be provided in the form of mobile platforms (laptop, etc).

Key Responsibilities

  • Creating and executing social media ideas, concepts, and strategies.
  • Social media performance advertising campaigns with the best possible ROI.
  • Creating, developing, and maintaining content for all social channels.
  • Creating web content related to traditional media or to social media.
  • Managing the social media team.
  • Gathering social media data and analytics to provide concise reports.
  • Development the processes used by the social media team in order to deliver better and more efficient services.
  • Consolidation of platform pages, activities, and content to ensure a consistent approach to social media channels.
  • Quality control and improvements.
  • Increasing brand relevance with the right consumers.
  • Working with other marketing departments in our company.

Required Skills, Abilities & Experience

Candidates applying for this position should have:

  • five years of experience in managing social media and related digital channels,
  • experience with social media tools that relate to listening, engagement, analytics, and knowledge base resources,
  • knowledge of project management and planning,
  • excellent writing, editing, and communication skills and the ability to tailor messages for different platforms,
  • skill in the preparation of social media reports and analysis,
  • the ability to keep up to date on the latest social media trends and best practice techniques,
  • the ability to effectively coordinate with public relations agencies and partners for the purpose of project initiative,
  • the ability to execute all forms of communication, including crisis communications techniques,
  • the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing to internal and external audiences,
  • the ability to work with others in a team environment,
  • the ability to deal with customers and de-escalate situations towards a resolution,
  • experience with creating optimized graphics formats using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop or other graphics tools,
  • the ability to use analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or others,
  • the ability to work with Google Drive.


  • Experience in work with a focus on customer service.
  • Experience with photography.
  • Experience with multimedia composition and editing, including photo and video editing skills.
  • Experience in engaging in crisis communications.

Your Future With Us

After few years of working with us, you can choose to become a lead in our social media agency.

About Madviso

We are a marketing company that delivering strategies which help our clients grow. We help them reach their goals and deliver services with the highest possible ROI or ROAS.

We care about the services we provide and so we work hard with the goal to do the best marketing we possibly can. Our core services include e-commerce marketing, strategic marketing, analytics, and inbound marketing.

Core Values

We want to find people who also hold our values.

  • Focus self-improvement.
  • Growth-oriented.
  • Transparent.
  • Exceptional.

Reasons to Work With Us

  • Young team.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Flexible work time.
  • Growth-oriented team.
  • Discounts for services and products.
  • Work in a nice work environment or work from home.


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