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Social Media Marketing Awareness and SEO

SEO and social media awareness

Social media represent one of the key channels for promoting products and services online. Many e-commerce businesses rely solely on this particular channel, forgetting that the path to conversion is a bit more complicated.

Social media channels and SEO correlate in many ways. Social media provides awareness that can help you get useful backlinks, engagement and referral traffic which, in turn, helps the website organically rank higher among search results. But this is not the only way these two channels influence each other.

Using both SEO and social media is important when planning to promote or promoting products, services, brand or just sharing the message with the audience. Thinking about user behavior, we need to keep in mind two basic facts:

  • Almost no one will remember your message, brand name, product, services or anything you are trying to promote via social media marketing at the first sight.
  • People usually don’t buy after the first visit to your website.

Brand, SEO, and Social Media Marketing Impact

Potential customers won’t dedicate more than few seconds to your ad broadcasted on social media. What this means is that they won’t remember almost anything. I’m not saying ads on social media are useless, they are not. You just need to target your ad towards each person a few times. Common people usually need to see your ad or product three to five times to recognize and remember it. Not more, else you’ll risk being annoying.

So is the first step done? Great! Now let’s get into the minds of your potential customers. They already know about your product but, at the moment, they don’t seem to have the time or the need to buy from you. However, this need might come sometime in the future. They won’t have the ad available to click on anymore but they might search for your products through Google or some other search engine.

Let’s say I’ve seen and ad for a Samsung mobile two months ago for a few times and I know they’ve got a new version of Samsung S7. It’s cool and maybe I could buy it. I’ve only ever had good experiences with the brand, after all. Well, I don’t have time to buy it right now because I’m leaving to Thailand for a month. When I come back, though, I’ll need a new phone. Once that time comes, I’ll just search Google for ‘Samsung s7 price’.

Search Results Samsung S7 price
Google search results for ‘Samsung S7 price’.

Do you see, where I’m going with this? Your customers sometimes don’t buy immediately. It usually takes them time to finish their purchase. Even if you are working on social media awareness, you have to have your SEO under control.

Focus on More Channels, Top Topics, and Keywords

Main sources for traffic these days are social media, organic traffic, and referrals if you are talking about B2B or e-commerce. When planning a promotion, you need to take into account all the channels through which a user can finish the conversion.

This can be easily done by being registered in price comparators, using landing pages, retargeting via social media, paid search, and being on top keywords and topics through organic search. These include a lot of important search opportunities that your future customer will look for online.

For example, when you plan to promote your product via social media, just check if you are performing well with your top product keywords. If I am selling baby trikes, these could be some of the keywords my customers may search for: trikes, baby trikes, trike, trike for baby, trike for 6 months old baby, trikes from 6 months, and more.

Your customer, in this case, a parent is probably looking also for some other topics related to this product, too.

Questions or topic related to parents

  • Which trike brand is safe?
  • Which trike is the best for a child of 10 months?
  • Activities for babies outdoors.
  • Which food is good for a baby?

Of course, there can be many other topics that are interesting for your target group. Don’t be scared, if they are not directly related to your product. Covering them in a blog section of your website is a perfect solution for that. You might get very valuable organic traffic.


If you are doing or planning to do social media marketing activities that can deliver a high amount of traffic to your website, do not count only on social media alone. You need to think like your potential customers and plan multi-channel marketing, do retargeting campaigns, and give special attention to the SEO of your website.

Not everyone will remember your brand, message, product or service upon first sight. You need to rank for important brand keywords, top product keyword or topics related to your business in search engines.
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