Transparency is one of our core values. We believe that only businesses which are transparent towards its customers, partners, employees, and the general public can be successful. In order to keep our commitment towards transparency, we decided to inform you about our progress, successes as well as failures, and our news in the blog section on our website.

Transparency model


We setup every project with a fair pricing up to marketing, competitors and goals.


Profit of company is only 10% minus growth needs, 80% is going to coworkers and employes and 10% is going for company maintenence. This allows us to give the most of our’s revenues to the people who are core of Madviso success.


Injustice is something we simply can’t tolerate. In our company, we’ve developed a system with which we aim to offer competitive and fair salaries.

The salary of our employees depend on their job position, skills, experience, and other variables. Have a look at our salary calculator that is based on coeficient includes this values:

  • Skills
  • Internal Experience
  • External Experience
  • Valuation by manager
  • Valuation by time
  • External Cooperation

This is helping us to have a challenging and fair system for everyone. We don’t have a double standard for men and women.

ROAS and ROMI calucator

We believe that the success of our clients is also our success, so we’ve developed simple Return on Ad Spend and Return on Marketing Invetments where you can calculate how effective your campaigns are.

ROAS Calculator | Madviso advertisment agency

ROAS Calculator

Return on Advertising Spend

ROAS Calculator | Madviso advertisment agency

ROMI Calculator

Return on Marketing Investment