Conversion rate optimisation is a technique that improves the performance of your customer path. That means more sales from the same amount of visitors through improvements of your e-commerce or website. Higher conversion rates impact various goals, such as more sign ups, leads, sales or getting followers. It is likely to be combined with search engine optimisation.

Data Gathering

Company, products, and services

We look at your company goals, products, and services as they are defined within your strategy while keeping an eye on your competitors. Based on market research and online data sources we perform a SWOT analysis that helps us identify weak points and get a better overview of your business. Then we’ll have a look at local data and your company website.


To identify customers, we need to know the target group and how you imagine the ideal personas of your visitors. After we know the right audience, we will connect them to the right action on your website. Websites offer various places of interest to customers but to get a good result, we have to keep the customers’ intent in mind.


After the analytical phase, we jump into execution. We have defined goals that are focused on customers, problems, and intent:

  • by customer type (based on target group),
  • by place type (based on the place they visit),
  • by product or service type (based on SWOT and company analysis),
  • customer path while visiting the website (based on website audit).

Experiments and Execution

First, we start with experiments to see the customers’ reactions and later, we proceed to the analysis of data, which have been gathered in a timeframe from 2 weeks up to 3 months. Based on the results, we will suggest changes and improvements in your customer process, marketing initiatives, UX / UI / CX, website, content updates, and more.

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