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Our marketing agency provides marketing services, marketing training, graphic design services, SEO, web content, marketing strategy, offline advertising services, we program websites and e-shops on our e-commerce product Midasto, where we provide our clients with either a bespoke e-shop or an e-shop for hire. We are happy to accommodate any request you may have, as long as it is within our portfolio. We also provide more complex marketing, web services and translations together with our suppliers.

We also work with small companies, but we can also help micro and medium-sized businesses. We deliver our services on the basis of a cooperation agreement. For smaller marketing services, we can also provide them on a service order and payment basis, with implementation of the approved work commencing within 48 hours of payment. We work on either a contract fee basis or a monthly fee which includes basic contracted services. In case of extra requirements we will be happy to accommodate you. These extra services will be invoiced according to Madviso s.r.o.’s current price list as of that date.

Monthly fee for regular contract cooperation

Contractual cooperation starts from a fee of 300 euros per month excluding VAT, which includes 1 hour of consultation or communication and services according to the contract. We will adjust the fee to your needs so that we can achieve the set goals or deliver the individual contracted services. For larger collaborations we can negotiate prices individually.

Hourly rates

The prices for the services are 40 to 60 euros per hour depending on the type of service. For training and professional consultations 100 euros per hour. Prices are without VAT. A 10% discount on the hourly rate can be granted by agreement for framework contracts with a guaranteed duration of one year or more.

40 - 60 € / hour

Prices for services by type of service.

100 € / hour

Prices for training and professional consultations.

from 300 € / hour

A regular fee where we start working with clients. The price may be higher depending on the scope of services provided.


For larger collaborations we can negotiate prices individually.

Prices are without VAT. This price list is valid from 15. 10. 2022.

Invoicing data

Madviso s.r.o.
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ID: 50545060
VAT NUMBER: 2120365258
VAT NUMBER: SK2120365258
Bank connection: SK38 1100 0000 0029 4002 9953 (Tatra Banka)

+421 905 343 785

Our company is a VAT payer. This price list is valid from 15. 10. 2022.


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