Comprehensive website and e-shop audit


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Comprehensive website and e-shop audit

A detailed analysis of the current state of your website or e-shop will reveal all weak points and hidden flaws in design, SEO, content, technical solutions, speed and other areas. Choose a website or e-commerce audit service and identify the issues that are preventing your business from growing. The key is not only to identify the weaknesses but to clearly prioritise or prioritise the benefits. Without this, we will not be able to effectively prioritize these activities and plan a project plan to incorporate them.

Comprehensive website and e-shop audit
If you want to achieve better Google rankings, and therefore better traffic, you should have a search engine optimised website/e-shop with lots of content that is indexed in the search results. A detailed audit is the first step in successful website optimization. SEO recommendations, when properly implemented, will improve your search engine rankings, page traffic and conversions, which will increase your profits and traffic.
A user experience and design audit focuses on what matters most - your customers. The design should be error-free to display on a variety of devices from desktop to mobile. The site must be clear, the individual elements logically arranged and the design of the purchasing process intuitive. In this section, we focus on making sure that the visitor has the most positive experience and completes the conversion you want - order, registration or otherwise.
The time it takes for your page to display correctly on the user's device is extremely important. When the page slows down in seconds, the conversion rate decreases significantly and the bounce rate of your website increases. Google also takes note of speed - pages with long load times will be recommended less to users. Page speed is most often affected by incorrect image sizes, unoptimized source code, files, libraries, technical design, and unnecessary content.
Have you chosen a technical solution that is too robust or poorly programmed? Errors on the web affect both the speed of the solution and the display on different devices. They are also rated by Google, and if you have errors that are visible, it will also discourage the user. In case of discovering a large number of errors, we will suggest a possible front-end redesign or a more suitable platform for your website or e-shop.
We'll look at how you communicate on the website, what's missing, what could be improved and how to expand the content. What key pages are performing best and what are you missing? A complete analysis of the content strategy of the website will reveal the mistakes that occur when communicating with customers. We'll show you how to better capture the customer's attention and turn their visit into the desired action - buying or filling out a form. We can extend this part of the audit with keyword analysis.
Is the visitor's journey to their destination on your website or to a conversion in your e-commerce store seamless? Do you know where it starts and where it most often ends? Are you reaching out to the potential customer at all stages of the conversion journey? We'll go through your data and look at what can help improve your conversion rate. It also includes user testing with 5 people. The output will be concrete recommendations for modifications for your website or e-shop.

comprehensive audit

What is the purpose of a comprehensive website or e-shop audit?

A detailed audit is the basis for successful web optimization. This will increase your ranking in search engine results, page traffic and the number of conversions, which will also increase your profits. Customer behaviour, search engine algorithms and marketing rules are constantly changing. A comprehensive audit will help you uncover potential problems and get a list of recommendations to improve your e-shop.

Components of analysis and audit

  • We identify errors in terms of indexation in Google and suggest improvements in search engine optimization.
  • We will evaluate the difficulty of using your site, its clarity, usability and design.
  • We will detect content errors and errors in the technical solution.
  • We will make an individual recommendation for possible improvements and present it to you personally.

What the audit will bring you

  • A document where there will be a comprehensive evaluation of your website/e-shop with suggestions for improvement.
  • Specific solutions for individual problems.
  • Possibility to get a complete basis for the assignment for the creation/improvement of your website or e-shop.
  • Non-disclosure agreement, which means 100% security of your data.

How much does it cost to audit a website or e-shop?

A simple audit starts from 300 € excluding VAT. Comprehensive audits start from 2000 € excluding VAT or based on scope.


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Comprehensive services in one place
We provide full-service services in which we combine the power of online marketing and professional creation of websites, applications and e-shops. From website design, design creation through development, content, SEO setup and testing, custom e-shop, e-shop for rent, websites for companies on open-source solutions such as WordPress or custom built on the open-source Laravel framework.
Transparency and fairness
We are always looking for the most effective solutions for you. You can rely on high expertise, correct and open communication and compliance with agreed deadlines. We are a transparent company that is based on fairness towards our clients and colleagues. We design our services and their range with the aim of achieving the most effective results within your budget
Consultations and advice
We are your reliable partner from the initial consultation, audit, creation of a brand, logo, web design, web/e-shop to improving results and achieving business goals. Marketing is complicated, but necessary for sales growth. We help our clients develop their business through professional consultations and advice based on our many years of experience. We are here to take your business to a new level.
Results based on data
We believe in the power of a long-term multi-channel online marketing strategy. We help clients grow, expand to other markets and increase sales. Through analyzes and audits, we reveal weak points and subsequently propose effective action steps for improvement. We implement professional PPC services, Google Ads campaigns, Meta Ads campaigns and online strategies for marketing on Google, Facebook or Instagram.

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Turning strategy into reality is the key to success. We will prepare a detailed audit for you and implement the activities within the agreed scope.


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Prosperous clients are our business card, which is why we approach each one individually. Thanks to our many years of experience in the segment, we provide not only services in the field of marketing, website and e-shop development, but also training and consulting.


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