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Marketing consultation

Are you looking for a marketing vendor, struggling to set up a marketing strategy, have low campaign yields or conversion rates? We have more than 15 years of experience in effective tactics and strategies that lead to a higher return on investment. We can identify problems for you, suggest solutions, help with foreclosure or
train your people
. With our experience, we can consult with you on web, e-commerce and IT projects to achieve better results.

Marketing consulting is the solution, and we’re happy to consult with you to help you identify weaknesses and strengths in your marketing strategy and setup of your business. Marketing consulting is for anyone who wants the insight of the experienced professionals on our team. To implement effective marketing, you need a comprehensive strategy. Sometimes, on the other hand, your website is a hindrance, then it can also help
website audit
or e-shop. We provide our clients with experience and know-how that consistently delivers outstanding results.

Marketing consultation
We also understand what we are doing based on real-life experience. For more than 10 years, we have been preparing tailor-made marketing strategies. We help companies and especially e-shops to expand abroad. We help with business consulting, process design, prioritization and optimization of tactics or action steps. We can help you select the right KPIs for further measurement and evaluation. We prefer data-driven marketing.
SEO - search engine optimization is a competitive segment, for which if you want to win, you also have to do something. It is an important part of any better marketing strategy, and if it is worked on properly on an ongoing basis, it has a significant impact on the conversion rate of an e-shop or website. An SEO audit will help in the beginning, and on an ongoing basis it's a good idea to monitor your results for top keywords and competitors, which we'll be happy to provide or help you set up.
Are you preparing a website change or a new e-shop? This step is not easy and there are a lot of tasks associated with it, which is not good to underestimate. They can have a major impact on the sales or presentation of your business. We will be happy to guide you through the process of creating a website or e-shop, design the structure, technology and help with feedback. We can consult and prepare a quality specification for you and check your supplier before handing over the solution.
We will be happy to provide feedback on the design proposal and its incorporation by programmers before you take it over from the point of view of quality, user, SEO and marketing. Design and user experience have a high impact on whether someone will buy from you. Don't leave it to chance and take advice. We can arrange user testing for you, possibly even before the launch of the website, but also for a currently functional website or e-shop. You will get direct feedback and discover weaknesses.
Google Ads and Meta Ads, formerly Facebook Ads, are rapidly evolving. Therefore, in the post-audit consultation, we will recommend suggestions for improvement and improve the results through gradual consultation and implementation. We are happy to put our more than 20 years of experience to work and translate it into improving and optimizing your online campaigns.
Are you planning to grow your e-shop, expand into foreign markets, are you facing stiff competition or do you just want to invest your e-shop's marketing budget more efficiently. After the analysis, we can consult with you and gradually improve your e-commerce process, marketing and e-shop conversion rate.


Why cooperate with us?

Comprehensive services in one place
We provide full-service services in which we combine the power of online marketing and professional creation of websites, applications and e-shops. From website design, design creation through development, content, SEO setup and testing, custom e-shop, e-shop for rent, websites for companies on open-source solutions such as WordPress or custom built on the open-source Laravel framework.
Transparency and fairness
We are always looking for the most effective solutions for you. You can rely on high expertise, correct and open communication and compliance with agreed deadlines. We are a transparent company that is based on fairness towards our clients and colleagues. We design our services and their range with the aim of achieving the most effective results within your budget
Consultations and advice
We are your reliable partner from the initial consultation, audit, creation of a brand, logo, web design, web/e-shop to improving results and achieving business goals. Marketing is complicated, but necessary for sales growth. We help our clients develop their business through professional consultations and advice based on our many years of experience. We are here to take your business to a new level.
Results based on data
We believe in the power of a long-term multi-channel online marketing strategy. We help clients grow, expand to other markets and increase sales. Through analyzes and audits, we reveal weak points and subsequently propose effective action steps for improvement. We implement professional PPC services, Google Ads campaigns, Meta Ads campaigns and online strategies for marketing on Google, Facebook or Instagram.


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Prosperous clients are our business card, which is why we approach each one individually. Thanks to our many years of experience in the segment, we provide not only services in the field of marketing, website and e-shop development, but also training and consulting.


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