Content marketing is meant to deliver content formats in interesting, valuable, funny, and helpful ways – all as part of a marketing strategy that exists to help you reach your goals. Your target audience can find this content and marketing on your website, your e-commerce solution or distributed across a many various channels.

The content on your website can engage, deliver helpful insights, navigate, and inform your audience. The goal of a well-crafted content marketing strategy is to convert your visitors into leads and customers and to build your brand online.

High-quality content will deliver traffic to your website through different channels, such as organic search, social, referrals, and others. The main goal of quality content is to bring a person from the right target audience for to your website more than once. Customers very rarely buy while visiting the website for the first time. A good content marketing strategy has to reflect customer behavior and strategically place valuable content across the whole funnel of customer acquisition.

As a company, we don’t only work on one special segment, one strategic initiative or only one service (only SEO, for example) because we believe that such an approach isn’t efficient. We work continuously on marketing for our clients in order to deliver the best results. We also dig into the data that provides us with useful insights which we need to craft better and more engaging content.

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One marketing campaign or a single time working with a client can bring some results but after a year or two of working together, it would be a huge difference in efficiency and return on investment. This is same in content marketing.

As a business professional, you know the world of business and marketing is changing. The most important thing is to catch this shift and be the first to adapt. In e-commerce, you can only succeed with great content. From product texts and product photos, through a good content marketing strategy for your e-commerce blog, to the whole concept of communication.

Many big companies all around the world are using content marketing as an integral part of their marketing initiatives. That’s because content marketing really works.

What is the Outcome of Content Marketing?

These are the main goals of content marketing strategies when they are executed correctly.

  • Increase conversion rate or customers acquisition.
  • Establish customer trust.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Navigate visitors.
  • Communicate your message or idea.
  • Engage with your target group.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Create relations between you and your customers.
  • Give your customers a reason to return.
  • Increase organic traffic.
  • Get referral traffic and earn publicity.

It’s not easy to create something really exciting and interesting and getting something out of it requires a lot of work. Small businesses or smaller e-commerce based businesses can’t usually afford to pay for an in-house team that would prepare the necessary research and analyses, create a content marketing strategy and then executes it.
You need a team of a few specialists that would work on delivering the strategy. External freelancers aren’t as efficient nor as organized. We stand by your side and can help you execute a great strategy without the need to hire and manage freelancers or in-house employees.

A Bad Content Strategy

“Content marketing can help sales grow by up to 168%.”

“The idea isn’t everything. Most businesess fail on execution.”

Aren’t you tired of inaccurate and boring content all around the internet? Well, this kind of content might come from any business. Simply having a bad content marketing strategy can lead to a loss of budget (fewer sales, fewer new conversions), which then leads to less money for other activities. And this is the best possible outcome. In the worst-case scenario, it can seriously harm your brand and business.

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Our Content Marketing Strategy



We base all of our marketing decisions on data. Research and analysis are always the first steps we take. Only after these steps are done do we proceed to the actual creation of content and of a marketing strategy that will correspond with your goals.


A content strategy should go hand in hand with your overall marketing strategy and contribute to achieving your goals. Part of the process is also to define the key performance identifiers, based on you previous analyses and strategic goals.


All of the previous steps lead us to the creation of an actual content plan and its execution. Our experienced team of content managers and copywriters learn everything about your business and invest time into creating your brand image online. Our team creates content that answers your audience on all their important questions and takes you closer to achieving your strategic goals.


Through outreach to industry influencers, external websites, interaction on social media platforms, and optimization of your website and content for both search engines and users, we aim to deliver the best possible performance of your content, all within your budget.


Every marketing activity requires a post-analysis to determine whether the used strategy was successful, whether we reached the KPIs, and whether we should continue with these activities or reevaluate the entire strategy.

Strategic initiatives based on data

Data is the alfa and omega of every marketing strategy. Based on data, we can improve all of our strategic initiatives.

We Offer:


E-commerce Product Copywriting

A well-crafted product description provides all the necessary information that might persuade hesitant potential buyers.

Content Plan Creation

Content plan creation is a key step to prepare relevant and interesting content for your audience.

E-commerce Product Photography

It has been proven that good product photos sell. Good photos can increase your conversion rate and bad photos will do the exact opposite.

Creating Blog Posts

Our team of copywriters is ready to write blogposts that will engage your readers