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This short blog will be about what social media training will bring to the management of advertising campaigns and how it can help a business or individual. People come to the marketing training that we organise primarily for companies and they don’t always choose the right training for their project.

Marketing training
are necessary because of the dynamics throughout the field, so that you always have the latest information in the field to help your business. Social media ads are a common part of the marketing and media mix and to target them effectively, it is necessary for the business owner to know the basics of how it all works and for the marketer to know the technical details and innovations that are often innovated in Meta Business. Advertising campaigns drive sales of your products and services, while helping to get your brand in front of the right audience, so it’s ideal to not just“boost ” or “pay for likes”. Ads should be combined with quality content on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and other profiles outside of Meta. This will bring more interactions with your customers and also build rapport.

At the social media training on managing advertising campaigns through Meta Business, you will get a variety of answers to your questions:

  • What do we need for effective social media campaign management?
  • How do you define your audience?
  • How to manage ads properly?
  • How to set a good strategy?
  • How to prepare a remarketing campaign?

In our intensive workshop we will teach you how to create retargeting campaigns and how to set them up effectively. We will also talk about how to analyse the results of a campaign. Of course, training alone is not enough. You need months and years of campaign management to acquire adequate working knowledge. That’s why it’s a good idea to combine training with consultations or status audits, where you get up-to-date feedback on the status of your account and running campaigns. Build a strong social community and meet your marketing and business goals with effective advertising.

Why go for social media advertising campaign training?

A common decision is to expand your current knowledge, go over your current campaign setup after an audit with seasoned professionals with years of experience, learn something new and other motivations. There are many reasons indeed, but certainly education and personal development in any field is not a strategic time.

What you will learn at the workshop:

  • Facebook Business Manager – account setup and management,
  • creation and effective management of advertising campaigns,
  • how to structure campaigns, ad sets and ads,
  • types of ad targeting and budget allocation,
  • Dynamic and static retargeting on Facebook – setup and management,
  • rules for the creation of advertising and preparation in terms of content (texts, image formats)
  • how to properly target ads, the use of publics,
  • advertising account and billing setup,
  • the basis for evaluation (analysis and statistics) of advertising campaigns in Facebook Analytics and Google Anaytics,
  • and others.


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